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Backyard Pool


A fiber glass pool is essentially swimming pool that comes "all in one piece."  First the design is chosen, then a factory will build the mold and have it shipped to your house.  Fiber glass pools are known for a quick and easy installation process and are easy to maintain which makes it a popular choice among customers.


Vinyl pools are another popular choice and are made from wall panels secured together to make the perimeter shape of the pool.  Vinyl pools are known for their durability and flexibility.  They are also highly customizable and have a lot of room for play with shape, size, and design which make them a fun addition to your backyard!

Image by Dim Hou
Retaining Wall Installation


Depending on the grade in your backyard, a retaining wall may need to be installed before a pool is put in the ground to create a level installation area.  But walls don't have to be boring ... we here at Pool Drip have experts that can install retaining walls with a variety of natural stones, boulders, or the most modernized retaining wall blocks available, making your entire backyard a sight to be seen, not just your pool.


What other fun ways are there to spice up your back yard?  Water features! Water features are any type of landscaping additions to a backyard such as a waterfall, pond, or bubbling boulder to really complete the outside look of your pool or backyard.  Whether you want to drop a waterfall right into your pool, or have a nice waterfall or bubbling rock placed elsewhere in your backyard we can make any vision in your head turn into a reality.

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